Our goal as a company is to provide you with the best possible products and services to help you make data-driven decisions regarding instruction and education. Our mission is to provide you with a comprehensive assessment data warehousing solution for all of your tests - high stakes, interim benchmarks, district-made, and classroom tests...assessment data that will deliver student and group results, organized and presented in useful and effective ways, tailored to each unique audience – from the media down to the parent, including each level between. We listen to our customers' needs, and use that feedback to drive new reports, features, and assessments. We are passionate about putting useful and timely information in the hands of teachers. Take a look at how we are helping districts just like yours save valuable time and resources by being your one-stop reporting headquarters.


Multiple Measures brings assessment to you where and how you need it most.  With our MMARS™ (Multiple Measures Assessment Reporting System) web-based system, there is nothing to install.  There is no software to download or update. Our reports are available online, on any internet-enabled device, at the district, school and classroom level. The data are with you wherever you go...at your fingertips, and always available. It is the intuitive, cost-effective and user-friendly reporting solution that anybody can use. What sets us apart is because we aren't affiliated with any one publisher, we can report on ANY test from any source, or from your own local assessments.  Simply stated, give us your data and we can report on it.  Our focus is accurate reporting, therefore we do not design our own tests. Rather, we give you the freedom to choose any method of testing, and you can rest assured that we will provide you the most accurate and timely assessment reporting in the market.



Why Should I choose Multiple Measures?

  • Disaggregated pupil results

  • No limitations on what can be reported

  • Knowledge base of webinars and walkthroughs

  • PDF files

  • Excel Spreadsheet capabilities

  • Cutting edge technology

  • Quick turn-around

  • Support at every step

  • Live Chat

  • Safe and secure data uploading through ShareFile

  • Unrivaled accuracy

  • Easy to use

  • Web-based - no software to update

  • Information at your fingertips

  • Low Per Student Cost

  • ...and much, much more!