Updates are for existing customers only.  They will not run on a system where LARS has not been fully installed.

LARS-STAR  v15.1.5 (2014 Final Data)  
LARS-CELDT  v15.0.0 (2014-15 data) 
LARS-CAHSEE  v15.0.2 (2014-15 data)  

  • Download the comprehensive LARS update below:
    EXE version (standard)
        ZIP version (if .EXE downloads are blocked)

    Please take note of the location where your browser saves the file (larsprogramupdate.exe or larsprogramupdate.zip).  When the download is complete, simply open the file to launch the update installer.  Note:  You may have to confirm/override security warnings.  Please rest assured that the updates are "safe".