Log In to MMARS
There's nothing to download or install with the new, web-based MMARS, meaning less time spent hassling with software and file folders and more time spent reporting data. Now, all you need to run reports is any web browser. In addition, MMARS provides a handy log-in mechanism that allows you to establish private accounts for your users with differing levels of permission. MMARS strives to be the best system available by eliminating complex, time-consuming downloads and offering a highly convenient user interface.




Run a Report
MMARS provides the user with simple and intuitive drilldown boxes, allowing you to run reports dynamically. The reports generate quickly and convey the data in an organized and easy-to-read manner. Your choices alter your report dynamically, making it easier than ever to answer questions about the data. And best of all, the simplicity of the system means that no technical experience is required: It's the simple reporting solution that anyone can use



Print a Report
The versatility of MMARS means that the value of the reports doesn't end on the web. A click of a button converts any MMARS report into a printable PDF in seconds, so that they may be easily printed or saved for future reference. The unbelievably easy printing tool of MMARS ensures that you're never without the report you need.



Export Your Data
Perhaps even better than printing, MMARS allows reports to be easily converted into Excel spreadsheets, so that the raw data may be exported for your own uses. The variety of mediums in which MMARS can display data makes it the ideal choice for anyone from superintendent to teacher.


Filter Your Data
Because the filtering capacities of MMARS are also dynamic. MMARS users can quickly see the difference in filtered and non-filtered results. A wide selection of filters are available, and each runs as fast as a normal MMARS report. The convenient demographics bar to the left of the main screen makes finding the desired filter a snap, and the program's quick filtering abilities ensure you're always able to answer any question about your data.


Get a Closer Look
Most importantly, you always have the ability to learn more about your data in MMARS. Each section of a graph can be right-clicked to reveal a quick summary of its numbers and a drilldown box that gives you many more data reporting options. See a breakdown of the chosen data by any demographic, or simply view the list of individual students that make up the given group. This innovative feature makes it easier to identify which students rank at the highest and lowest achievement levels, and grants you the ability to interpret your data that much better.