... was founded in 2003 by owner Craig Clifford.  While working at Harcourt Assessment for nearly two decades, Craig designed and authored the highly successful Testpak and Ready Reports software, used by several hundred school districts nationwide to report the results from a variety of Norm Referenced Tests, including SAT, ITBS, CTBS, and many more.

Most of you know that Harcourt was the contractor for the STAR test from 1998 through 2002, which was primarily based on the SAT-10 test.  Ready Reports was the primary tool that over half of California districts used to report STAR during that period.

When Harcourt lost the STAR contract in 2003, corporate decision-makers decided *not* to fund continued development for Ready Reports (which would have given it the ability to support the CAT6, and the emerging CST and CAPA tests).  Craig recognized the void, and the abandoned customers, and he understood there was still a great need for accurate, cost-effective, graphical assessment reports for STAR.  Craig left Harcourt to start Multiple Measures.  Since then, he and his team have helped hundreds of districts throughout California deliver quality, understandable information to their schools and teachers -- to allow them to deliver data-driven instruction.

Our first product was LARS - Longitudinal Assessment Reporting System.  This was a PC-based solution designed specifically for STAR reporting (to replace the defunct Ready Reports).  We continue to maintain LARS even today, because several large (>40k enrollment) districts love it, and are still using it for their California state tests.

LARS was enhanced and expanded to include reporting for both CELDT and CAHSEE.

We introduced our first edition of MMARS, our flagship web-based system.  MMARS offered fast, graphic, dynamic reports, similar to LARS, but via a far more intuitive and friendly interface, and running on fast internet and database servers.  Being an online service, MMARS was available from anywhere, for both PC and Mac users.

In the several years that followed, we added:

  • Batch Reporting -- a unique feature that is particularly useful for medium-to-large districts -- that allows a user to, with only a few keystrokes and clicks, produce PDF or Excel reports for each school, grade and teacher, and even period-by-period, if desired.

  • Early, trusted and accurate accountability report estimates, including  API, AYP, AMAO1 and AMAO2.

  • Candidate listings for EL Reclassification (R-FEP) and Golden State Seal Merit Diploma.

  • Various accountability reports, including SPSA (Single Plan), LEA Plan, ELSSA, and SARC.

  • EAP Status Lists.

  • California PFT (Physical Fitness Test)

With the introduction of Common Core (and the demise of the STAR program), we dove into an accelerated development period to re-architect MMARS to report *any* assessment, whether built by test publishers or in-house, using your own tools, or those of a variety of vendors.  Several of those vendors are somewhat competitors of ours (you probably know their names), in that they report the benchmark tests they help you create, as well as the state assessments.  Where we differ is that we focus strictly on reporting, and we are absolutely the best, fastest, most accessible, and most affordable at what we do.

We now support reporting for a variety of benchmark / interim / local assessments, as well as state tests in and beyond California.  We offer extensive pupil and aggregate reporting, including term-to-term and year-over-year reports for NWEA MAP, Scantron Performance Series, Study Island, Scholastic Reading Inventory, iReady. and a bevy of district-built interim assessments, writing tests and report cards,  This list is not exhaustive, because we have the inherent ability to report whatever test(s) you are using.  All you need, to implement MMARS reporting, is the ability to export the student score data from your host system; we'll take care of the rest.  MMARS can give all your audiences (evaluators, administrators, and teachers) one friendly, fast, informative tool to report all their assessments in a totally consistent manner.

Our framework is now so powerful that we simply "dropped in" the capability to report Smarter Balanced and PARCC. We can report your data right now!

Come join our happy family of customers, and enjoy the best assessment reporting solution of your educational life!