How It Works:


District Evaluators

MMARS™ saves time and money. The superintendent, assistants, and directors have instant access to a wide variety of charts for the school board, as well as comparisons over time and between schools, grade-levels, subgroups and more. All your tests are together in one simple Assessment Data Warehouse.


Site Administrators

Principals and their staff have visibility to a full set of charts and student lists that drill into performance trends at their school. Analyze schoolwide, grade-levels, subgroups, and even measure/compare the instructional impact of each teacher over time.


Teachers / Parents

Teachers can see how each of their their students performed and grew over time, then use those results to inform and tailor personalized instruction. Our student dashboard provides teachers and parents with a comprehensive, multi-test view of each child.

Some Great Features:


Batch Reporting

Users have the ability to build thousands of reports in just minutes with only a few clicks. These reports are ready for electronic distribution to all stakeholders, including teachers, via the MMARS™ Report Inbox.


Pre-Built Reports

We pre-build all of the most pertinent reports for each stakeholder to save time and money! Reports are presented immediately upon login, via the MMARS™ Report Inbox. Additional reports are available for the asking. No training is required! (but is available).


Customer Support

We offer the best customer support in the business. During normal operating hours, our team is available to answer questions on the spot, via email, telephone, and live chat!


Growth Reports

MMARS™ supports different growth reporting options such as change in performance levels, change in Distance From Standard (DFS) and "between the bands" change in FPL™ (Fractional Performance Level™).  These scores are based on per-student changes, and reported for students, groups, and subgroups.