To set up teacher and/or administrator accounts, we need file(s) containing the following columns of data for each individual receiving an account. You simply need to send us files that contains the teacher and/or administrator information -- exported from your Student Information System (SIS).  Teachers and administrators must be in separate files; do not join. See example files at the bottom of this page.


  • Please name your column titles EXACTLY as they are shown below (otherwise, we have to change them).

  • We prefer CSV (MS-DOS) text format, but Excel is acceptable.

  • No punctuation is permitted. In particular, the files must be void of all commas, periods, apostrophes, tabs, and quotes.

Required Columns for each person:

  1. Firstname

  2. Lastname

  3. Email (this will double as the user login ID)

  4. Password (if you do not supply this, we will use the prefix of the email address)

  5. SchoolID (rightmost 7-digits of the CDS code; do NOT use a local number or name; do NOT use the 7-digit County-District ID)
    To designate a districtwide administrator, leave this blank in the Administrator file

  6. TeacherID (unique SEIN or local ID; must match the TeacherID supplied in the rosters)
    Leave this blank for all rows in the Administrator file

See sample MMARS account files:  Teacher Account File     Administrator Account File

Please upload your files to our ShareFile portal, and place in the subfolder for Your District >> User Accounts. Make sure each filename indicates whether the the file contains teacher or administrator account information.

Important Note: If a teacher account is created via this process, but has not been mapped to to pupils via a roster, the result will be that the teacher-user can login, but has no permission to view any reports. The only remedy for this is for you to supply a newer, full, correct set of rosters, and we “start over”. MMARS can only "attach" pupil data to the teachers if we know which pupils were in each teacher’s class.

If you have any questions, please email or call us at (530) 295-1262.