Interim Assessments-- We'll Do Any and All!

Here at Multiple Measures, we’re all about accurate reports and quick turnarounds in order to help you take action with your ‘actionable data’. If you use ANY interim/benchmark/periodic assessments to measure your students’ progress at various intervals during the school year, this option is for you! Do more with multiple measures, not just the once-per-year State tests.

We’ll report any and all of your interim tests! We already report many interims, such as: SBAC-IAB, SBAC-ICA, iReady, DIBELS, Renaissance STAR, SRI-SMI, NWEA-MAP, DRA2, PSAT, The ACT, and more.

If we don’t yet report the interim/benchmark you’re looking for, don’t fret! We can set up any interim you want; allow us 2-4 weeks for a one-time test setup. For standard publisher interim/benchmarks there is no fee. If it’s your own local test, and we’ll need to coordinate data and report formats, we do include a one-time setup fee.

Interim test reporting starts at $1.00 per student, per enrollment, with a $1,000 minimum, and includes up to 3 different tests, each taken multiple times a year. Additional tests are available for a fee.

When you subscribe to report your interim assessments, we give you a couple of really cool bonuses …
— CA Dashboard - Academic Indicator estimates for ELA & Math
— Our new student-centric, multi-test, multi-year/term Comprehensive Student Profile SSR reports, with an online Student Dashboard for Admins & Teachers.

Give our website a visit to see some examples of the interim tests we support, by clicking the link below

Feel free to visit the [Contact Us] navigation tab on our web-page or shoot us an email at for more information about ordering or upgrading.