Step-By-Step Walk-through

Step 1:

Login to iReady as an administrator. To create the export file: Select Reports > District/School > All Exports > Diagnostic & Instruction Export

Step 2:

It is very important that you make all the proper selections on this screen.  If not, we’ll need to reject your file(s) and ask you to re-acquire.

·         Select All Schools.

·         Select one subject at a time (Reading/Math).

·         Select one Test Window at a time (e.g. Initial/Post, Fall/Winter/Spring).

·         Do NOT include Class/Teacher/Group Associations.

·         Do NOT include any Instruction Data.

Then press [Create Report].
The report will be sent to the Export Queue.

Step 3:

To retrieve the export files(s):
Select: Reports > District/School > All Exports > Export Queue.

Step 4:

When the files show “Completed”, press the down-arrow icon to download each file, one-at-at-time.

Step 5:

Create a filename that includes the LEA name, the test, the year, the test window, and the subject.

Step 6:

Then, upload that file to our secure ShareFile portal (link is under the ‘Links’ Navigation Item on our home page).

  • Once logged in, navigate to the /Assessment Results >> Interim >> iReady >> [year] subfolder.

  • Either drag your ZIP file there, or hover your mouse over the green + circle, select Upload, then drag or browse to your ZIP file.

Good Work!

We'll be automatically notified, and get to work.  You do not need to call or email to confirm.  We will have your data and pre-built reports ready in 1-3 days, in your *new* MMARS Ready Reports™.