MMARS™ Premium comes with all the State reporting features in our basic version, but adds these new, really cool tools:

  1. Academic Indicator estimates for ELA & Math
    · Like the CA Dashboard, but many months earlier. Start your planning now!
    · Compare subgroups, schools, grade-levels, and more.
    · Examples: [click here to download examples of our new 2019 CA Dashboard Academic Indicator estimates]

  2. Student-Centric Assessment History Detail reports (SSR)
    · Includes online Student Dashboard/Look-up for Educators. Online accounts for all your admins and teachers.
    · Blends data for Multiple Assessments/Years/Terms into reports perfect for SSTs, Teachers, and even Parents
    · Includes Educator Notes and Attachments (e.g. Intervention, Evidence, IEP docs, etc.)
    · Example: [click here to download an example of our new Multi-Test, Multi-Year/Term Comprehensive Student Profile SSR]

  3. Interim/Benchmark/Local Assessment Reporting
    · Detailed term-to-term reporting for iReady, Renaissance STAR, NWEA-MAP, Dibels, DRA, PSAT and lots more ...
    · See examples in our Report Gallery, or [click here to download examples from several tests]

We encourage you to upgrade your MMARS™ subscription. We’re ready to be your best data resource to provide actionable data, so you can spend your time delivering quality instruction to every student, group, and subgroup.

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We’d love to help you get the most out of MMARS™.  It’s the newest, easiest, fastest, and most full-featured MMARS™ ever!  As always, don’t hesitate to ask questions. We’re available by telephone, email, live chat, or just click here for our online request form.

MMARS™ Premium Upgrade Pricing
50% of your current State Reporting subscription (includes items 1,2,3 above)
· Minimum for districts/charters with enrollment < 500 students: $500; ≥ 500 students: $1,000
· Includes up to 3 different assessment types. Custom tests are subject to a one-time (1st year only) setup fee of $1,000