Our new paradigm:  We do all the work; you just click and open (no training necessary).
Includes report delivery to all stakeholders, including principals and teachers.

The new MMARS Ready Reports Inbox offers an extensive collection of pre-built reports for all your stakeholders, including teachers, principals, and district administrators. Secure, role-based access is available to everyone, on your timeline. You no longer need to create reports; you simply find & click. The Inbox also includes electronic delivery to all your stakeholders. All they need to do is login to MMARS, then click the links to open their reports. If there are many reports, the list can quickly be filtered to show just what you are seeking – using a few keywords in the (google-like) search bar. This relieves you from the task of report creation and distribution, and ensures that everyone gets the content they need, including teachers. It’s our goal to make these data (including term-to-term growth metrics) available in the classroom, to inform instruction, and to provide summary and subgroup achievement and growth data/trends for administrators.



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