Method 1:  OneRoster (automated)

We have partnered with ClassLink (and others) to provide you an effortless, automated method to deliver your class rosters to us.  We use this information to build classroom student list reports for teachers and administrators.  We do this for students:
   - as they were tested (e.g. spring 2018), and
   - current/new classrooms (e.g. fall 2018)

For information, see:
For sales inquiries, call 1-888-963-7550 ext. 123, or email:

Note: Similar functionality is available via OneRoster — for Aeries, PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, and more …

Method 2:  SIS Extract

Rostered reports are available, as soon as we import your "external" roster file into MMARS. You simply need to send us a file that contains the roster information -- presumably exported from your Student Information System (SIS).  We need the following information for each student, each period (multiple rows per student with multiple classes).  Notes:

  • Please use the column titles EXACTLY as they are shown below (otherwise, we have to change them).

  • We prefer Excel format, but .CSV text is acceptable.

  • Do not have ANY punctuation in your files. In particular, the files must be void of all commas, periods, apostrophes, and quotes.

  • If you want teacher first names or initials, please put these in a separate column from the last name.

Required Columns:

  1. Firstname

  2. Lastname

  3. Birthdate

  4. StudentID (local)

  5. SSID (state)

  6. SchoolID (7-digit CDS; do not use a local number or name)

  7. TeacherLastname

  8. TeacherID (unique SEIN or local ID)

Recommended Columns:

  1. TeacherFirstname

  2. GradeLevel

... and for middle/high schools:

  1. DepartmentName (e.g. English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Elective, Other)

  2. CourseName

  3. PeriodNumber

See sample roster files: Elementary School File     Secondary School File

Before you upload your files to us via ShareFile, please name them in such a way that identifies whether they are:

  • as-tested 2017-18 classes (e.g. HometownUSD_Spring2018_rosters_AsTested.xls)

  • new 2018-19 classes (e.g. HometownUSD_Fall2018_rosters_Current.xls).

We prefer that you send us both, so we can build reports for both sets of teachers.
If you have any questions, please email or call us at (530) 295-1262.