We’re scheduling a series of 15-minute webinars to help you get familiar with the newest features in MMARS™. We still have all the features to which you are accustomed, but we’ve added a lot more, and made it a lot easier. 

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We’d love to help you get the most out of MMARS™.  It’s the newest, easiest, and fastest MMARS™ ever!  As always, don’t hesitate to ask questions. We’re available by telephone, email, live chat, or just click here for our online request form.

Multiple Measures Ready Reports™ - Introduction (15-minutes)

Learn how MMARS™ (Multiple Measures Assessment Reporting Service™) informs instruction and saves time and money - by building AND delivering student and summary results to all stakeholders, including your governing board, district admins, site admins, and teachers.

Participants will understand how every member of their educational team can receive quality INFORMATION - visual charts/lists/reports – all within one service, without mining the data themselves, and without training (Really! Ask us how.) MMARS™ manages ALL your assessment data – state/interim/benchmark/periodic/local tests - and creates reports and comparisons for groups, subgroups, and pupils.

MMARS™ even blends and presents results from multiple assessments, side-by-side, delivering comprehensive views by individual pupil (SSR) and by classroom, and executive summaries for admins.

Leverage teachers' instructional time, and admin time, by eliminating the need to collate student assessment data, learn various reporting systems, and/or organize data with Excel or PowerPoint. MMARS™ puts finished reports in everyone’s hands, via Ready Reports™, our secure, role-based, online delivery system.