We’ve scheduled a series of 15-minute webinars to help you get familiar with the newest features in MMARS. We still have all the features to which you are accustomed, but we’ve added a lot more, and made it a lot easier.  All webinars will use the same web link / URL, and require no registration.

To join any of the live webinars, click: https://zoom.us/j/5302951262

⇈ On your own schedule, you can also view a more thorough, 30-minute recorded webinar by clicking on the black announcement bar at the very top of this page. See it now!

⇇ You can learn more about our newest features by clicking on the various links in the left sidebar.

 MMARS Report Inbox:  Our new paradigm - We do all the work for you.

We build, and deliver, actionable reports to you and all your stakeholders, including teachers, for your State and Interim tests. All role-based and secure.

Let us show you how to easily search, filter, and find your pre-built reports in the new MMARS Report Inbox.  Need more? Just ask us, or use our DIY interface.

  • Friday                    Nov 2    1:30 PM

  • Monday               Nov 5    10:00 AM

  • Wednesday        Nov 7    3:00 PM

 MMARS Growth MetricsQuantifying improvement/decline for students, groups, and subgroups.

We compute change over time, even “between the bands” with our FPL™ (Fractional Performance Level™) and DFS (Distance From Standard).

Understand the methodology behind the metrics.  Learn how to interpret both pupil list reports and summaries.

  • Friday                    Nov 2    2:00 PM

  • Monday               Nov 5    10:30 AM

  • Wednesday        Nov 7    3:30 PM


MMARS Jux™Short for “juxtaposition”; side-by-side summary comparisons.

Jux™ offers you a multitude of different views.  Compare what you want – assessment content, trends in time, or groups/subgroups.

Set multiple Jux™ parameters to view summary statistics for different entities side-by-side:  subjects, claims, years, schools, grade-levels, subgroups, and even teachers.

  • Friday                    Nov 2    2:30 PM

  • Monday               Nov 5    11:00 AM

  • Wednesday        Nov 7    4:00 PM

We’d love to help you get the most out of MMARS.  It’s the newest, easiest, and fastest MMARS ever!  As always, don’t hesitate to ask questions. We’re available by telephone, email, live chat, or just click here for our online request form.